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Community health workers lifesaving duty to new mothers

By Edwine Omondi Ouma and Taylor Capizola Violet and Milka are two Kenyan mothers who have used nutrition and education to provide a healthy foundation for their infant children, and it is thanks to services provided by Living Goods’ community health workers (CHWs). Dedicated CHWs, like Madam Evelyn Nanjala in Kenya, go door to door to […]

Community health workers key to solving community-wide endemics

By Edwine Omondi Ouma & Taylor Capizola Penina Kerubo, a Living Goods community health worker (CHW), usually spent her days going door-to-door in Mokumbo, Kenya, educating and treating mothers, families, and children. While she mainly focused on treating individual cases of malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea, she never expected she’d have to save her entire community. But […]

Welcoming Liz Jarman as our New CEO!

  We have some truly exciting and important news: We have a new leader who is going to take Living Goods to great new heights! In May, the Living Goods Board of Directors announced they had selected our outstanding colleague Liz Jarman as our next Chief Executive Officer, moving our organization’s top leadership from San Francisco to our […]

The blended financing road to UHC must go through the community

This blog post was co-written by Living Goods and Katey Linskey of Last Mile Health. The 71st World Health Assembly (WHA) was Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus’ first as the Director General of the World Health Organization. As expected, expectations were high, and the conversation around the World Health Organization’s (WHO) main theme—Universal Health Coverage (UHC)—was serious and solution-driven. Though there […]

You can’t have universal health coverage without the community

By Rita Bulusu UHC is the acronym du jour – everyone is talking about how to achieve universal health coverage. But, it’s no surprise that there’s no simple solution. Like any other initiative in history that has successfully created radical change, UHC will require political will, the right people to be allocated sufficient resources, and scaling relatively […]

Empowering 50,000 Community Health Workers with Digital Tools by 2021: Living Goods and Last Mile Health Revealed Plans for The Audacious Project at annual TED Conference

[VANCOUVER, April 11, 2018] It was revealed today that a joint initiative between Living Goods and Last Mile Health – two organizations working to make healthcare available to all through mobile technology – is part of the first class of The Audacious Project. Replacing what was formerly known as the TED Prize, which annually provided […]

Senior Manager, Human Resources Business Partner

Do you want your work to matter? Do you want to use your skills to make a difference, not just a living? Do you want to improve millions of lives, including your own? Living Goods works to reinvent how we improve the lives of the under-served. We think big, but operate small and nimble. We […]

The Justice League

By: Crystal Lander, Living Goods Director of Advocacy  For the past 10 years, I have been advocating to global and US decision makers to invest money into global health and support policies that extend access to quality healthcare to the poor and most vulnerable families in low and middle-income countries. One of the biggest challenges […]

Can data help predict and prevent negative health outcomes? We think so.

By: Brad Presner, Director of Analytics If you’ve been following us here at Living Goods you’ve likely heard us talk about data analytics—and particularly predictive analytics. It’s a topic we’re extremely excited about. Essentially, “data analytics” is a very straightforward concept. You take a body of data—in our case data about the health and demographics […]

“Community Health Promoter Juliet is so important to our village.”

“Two weeks ago I thought I was going to lose my child. Tito [my son] fell sick in the evening and had very high fever. It came suddenly because in the day he was playing and all but at dinner time he refused to eat and started being very hot. He felt sleepy and I let […]