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The Justice League

By: Crystal Lander, Living Goods Director of Advocacy  For the past 10 years, I have been advocating to global and US decision makers to invest money into global health and support policies that extend access to quality healthcare to the poor and most vulnerable families in low and middle-income countries. One of the biggest challenges […]

Can data help predict and prevent negative health outcomes? We think so.

By: Brad Presner, Director of Analytics If you’ve been following us here at Living Goods you’ve likely heard us talk about data analytics—and particularly predictive analytics. It’s a topic we’re extremely excited about. Essentially, “data analytics” is a very straightforward concept. You take a body of data—in our case data about the health and demographics […]

“Community Health Promoter Juliet is so important to our village.”

“Two weeks ago I thought I was going to lose my child. Tito [my son] fell sick in the evening and had very high fever. It came suddenly because in the day he was playing and all but at dinner time he refused to eat and started being very hot. He felt sleepy and I let […]

“She’s more than just a health worker. She is like my mother.”

Aisha is a 14-year-old orphan who lives with her grandmother in the Mityana district of Uganda. After being abandoned by the man who got her pregnant, Aisha and her grandmother sought pregnancy advice and support from their local Community Health Promoter Janat.  “[Community Health Promoter Janat] told me to go to antenatal visits,” Aisha explains […]

Innovation Spotlight: Expanding Family Planning Options in Uganda

By: Sarah Bernstein, Living Goods Innovation Manager Uganda has one of the highest fertility rates and population growth rates in the world—putting the health of mothers and children at serious risk. It’s estimated that the simple act of birth spacing and access to family planning methods can reduce maternal mortality by 30 percent and child […]

Accelerating Growth and Learnings with the Help of the Innovation Investment Alliance!

  We’re pleased to announce an exciting new funding partnership with the Innovation Investment Alliance (IIA) to expand our growing network of Community Health Promoters (CHPs) in Uganda and support our vision of providing every mother and child across the developing world with life-saving health services. IIA is a dynamic funding and learning partnership between […]

Living Goods Kenya Trains, Equips, and Empowers 1,000 Community Health Promoters!

By: Liz Jarman, Living Goods Kenya Country Director In July 2015, our first class of Living Goods Kenya Community Health Promoters–known as community health volunteers (CHVs) in Kenya–graduated in Busia County, brimming with pride. If you could be a fly on the wall at a Living Goods graduation, you would see how inspiring and joyous […]

Our Biggest Health Achievements of 2016!

  As we look back on the past year and ahead to 2017, we’re humbled by the progress that has been made thanks to our partners, funders, team, and supporters. Our vision is ambitious: to provide every mother and child with a trained, stocked, and motivated community health worker. But we know that it is […]

Celebrating Community Health Promoters on International Women’s Day!

Living Goods Community Health Promoter Rita visits Susan and her three young children.  On International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to celebrate our dedicated and compassionate Community Health Promoters, and the mothers and children they serve. Amid tightening global health budgets and damaging policies that may restrict women’s access to critical services such as family […]

Transforming Community Health: Study Demonstrates 27 Percent Reduction in Child Mortality

A little over a decade ago, Living Good launched an innovative model that seeks to transform the way community health is delivered. Community health workers are often the first and only link to health services and care for millions of families. Unfortunately, many community health systems across the globe face challenges that severely thwart their […]