Guiding Principles

Put Clients First

We guide all our actions by our mission of improving the lives of the poor. To succeed in this we must be great listeners. We continuously seek input from our clients to serve them better.


Think Big

Because we address problems that afflict billions of people, we seek solutions that have global potential. We create social enterprises that can grow quickly to national scale and readily replicate across many countries.


Drive to Sustainability

Impact without sustainability cannot scale. We manage with the long term objective of true sustainability, maximizing internally generated resources, and minimizing or eliminating the need for donor funding. Our focus on sustainability also requires that we operate in a manner that is environmentally sound.


Measure, Learn, and Adapt

We set clear goals and demand results. We employ best of class measurement methods to drive learnings for deepening our impact and increasing our efficiency. We measure to drive action.


Be Creative and Quick-Footed

We are creative problem solvers who react nimbly to challenges and opportunities. We know that good ideas can come from anyone. We encourage efficient experimentation – learning the most with the least effort. We expect failures and quickly apply their lessons.


Be Efficient

Wasting resources deprives our clients, and wasteful organizations cannot be sustainable. We use our limited resources efficiently and collaborate with local partners to leverage existing investment wherever feasible.


Give Respect

We treat clients, colleagues, partners and vendors with respect at all times. We do not tolerate abuse of any kind. We do not discriminate for any reason. We share the credit and take responsibility for all our actions.


Be Honest

We hire for integrity first and do not tolerate dishonesty. We never offer or accept bribes, and are transparent in all our work. We don’t do or say anything we wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the newspaper.


Keep it Light

Serving the poor is not a chore. We don’t take ourselves too seriously; we look for humor in difficult situations and find reasons to celebrate.