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“She’s more than just a health worker. She is like my mother.”

Aisha is a 14-year-old orphan who lives with her grandmother in the Mityana district of Uganda. After being abandoned by the man who got her pregnant, Aisha and her grandmother sought pregnancy advice and support from their local Community Health Promoter Janat.  “[Community Health Promoter Janat] told me to go to antenatal visits,” Aisha explains […]

Living Goods Kenya Trains, Equips, and Empowers...

By: Liz Jarman, Living Goods Kenya Country Director In July 2015, our first class of Living Goods Kenya Community Health Workers–known as community health volunteers (CHVs) in Kenya–graduated in Busia County, brimming with pride. If you could be a fly on the wall at a Living Goods graduation, you would see how inspiring and joyous […]

Celebrating Community Health Promoters on International Women’s Day!

Living Goods Community Health Promoter Rita visits Susan and her three young children.  On International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to celebrate our dedicated and compassionate Community Health Promoters, and the mothers and children they serve. Amid tightening global health budgets and damaging policies that may restrict women’s access to critical services such as family […]

Living Goods Health Trainer Anita Featured on Hilary Swank’s Radio Show

Living Goods Uganda Health Trainer Anita Owakunda has been featured on a new radio program, narrated by the Oscar-winning actor Hilary Swank. Anita’s story is part of the Global Superheroes radio series, which brings attention to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This program “tells the stories of 5 young superheroes who have dedicated their […]

“When the children are sick I call...

I have been Sarah’s client for two years. I buy a lot of products from her, like Lumartem, Healthy Start, milk, Nutributter, and the clean burning stove. Sarah is very good, I like her ways, her customer care, and the products are cheap. When the children are sick I call her, and she is always […]

Monica: Mother, Grandmother, and Now Health Provider to Her Community

A widow since 1995, Monica has been the sole provider for her 12 children and, amazingly, has managed to put them all through secondary school  —  some even through university. “I would take out loans to pay for school fees, then pay them off, and take another one,” said Monica. “I managed, but it has […]


Living Goods Graduates a New Class of Community Health Promoters to Serve the Last Mile

Less than a third of Ugandan school children complete their primary education. More education — and graduation ceremonies — is almost entirely out of reach for the country’s largely poor population. So when Living Goods graduates a new class of Community Health Promoters, it is a big event for the graduates themselves, and for friends and family, who turn […]

CHP Harriett has Served Robina’s Family for...

“I have been Harriet’s client for four years, since the beginning of Living Goods in my village. I buy products like ACTs, the stove, and bed net for my grandchildren and myself. The products are cheaper and she is my neighbor, so she comes to my house. She teaches me about health and dosages. If […]