Health Issue Areas

At Living Goods, we help partners build an integrated platform to address the high-impact health needs identified at the community level. This saves governments and funders a tremendous amount of money and gives families one person they can call for all their basic health needs. Rather than focus on just a single disease, the CHWs we support register every pregnant woman, conduct pre- and post-natal visits, treat sick children, provide family planning counseling, and track immunizations.

Defeating Childhood Diseases

Living Goods trains and supports community health workers to educate families to prevent the leading causes of child mortality: malaria, diarrheal disease, and pneumonia, including education about water, sanitation, and proper nutrition.

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Saving Newborn Lives

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that newborns can access life-saving community-based primary health services.

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Family Planning and Healthy Pregnancies

We work to ensure that all pregnant women have at least four antenatal clinic visits and give birth in a health facility. To help women plan and space their pregnancies, our supported community health workers (CHWs) provide comprehensive family planning education and provide contraceptives.

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Through a new partnership with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, we’ve begun adding vaccination counselling and referral services to the package of services CHWs provide to communities.

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Climate Health

Living Goods is committed to supporting government partners to strengthen community health systems to improve current health outcomes and prepare for the health challenges already being caused by climate change.

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