Defeating Childhood Diseases

Watch to see how Ugandan CHW Scovia is working to ensure children receive uninterrupted care despite COVID-19

Millions of children die every year because they lack access to medicines that cost less than a few dollars. Living Goods trains and supports community health workers to educate families to prevent the leading causes of child mortality: malaria, diarrheal disease, and pneumonia, including education about water, sanitation, proper nutrition, and ensuring families seek care promptly when children are sick. When a child falls ill, CHWs provide prompt diagnosis and treatment using our smartphone app, and several simple questions reliably guide CHWs to an accurate diagnosis. The app sends automatic daily text reminders to ensure patients complete the full course of treatment and also flags acute cases for immediate referral to a qualified facility. CHWs follow up on referrals within 48 hours to ensure the patients received proper care. We focus on children under five–particularly newborns and children under one–who are typically at greatest risk. Some CHWs also sell low-cost, high impact health products, such as treated bed nets to prevent malaria and water filters to stop the spread of diarrheal disease.

Watch our Smart Health app at work with our pneumonia diagnostic workflow.

The Latest


Catherine Zoungrana, a CHW in Burkina Faso, employs digital tools to transform child healthcare

February 15, 2024

Catherine Zoungrana is a community health worker (CHW)-called ASBC (Agent de Santé à Base Communautaire) in Burkina Faso- based in Ziniaré.    She is supported…


Spotlight on CHW Voices in Burkina Faso: Nassa Moussa Takes Pride in His Work

December 14, 2023

Community health worker (CHW) Nassa Moussa, known locally as a Community-Based Health Agent in Burkina Faso, is from the village of Tanbogo in the Ziniaré region, about 40 kilometers outside of the capital Ouagadougou. He has been a CHW for the last seven years.


Burkina Faso: Under-5 Treatments Doubled as Positive Trajectory Continues

December 4, 2023

In Q4, we hope to expand to the entire district, adding nearly 500 CHWs if the data flow issues are resolved, and are introducing family planning services into the service package.


Compassionate and Caring: CHW Joyce is a Reliable Shoulder to Lean on

October 26, 2023

In community health worker (CHW) Joyce’s experience, women in her community face several challenges as they try to juggle careers, managing their households, childcare, and motherhood.

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