Ensuring Access to Life-Saving Drugs

To save lives, CHWs must have access to basic medicines to treat the most common killer diseases and family planning commodities. Frequent lapses in stock represent one of the biggest challenges facing public health systems. In most of our direct operations, Living Goods works to ensure essential medicines and family planning commodities are in stock 100 percent of the time. We track inventory levels electronically in real time to predict and prevent stock-outs. We also support governments to effectively manage their own supply chains and to directly provide CHWs with free public sector medicines and family planning commodities, as we do in our partnership with the government of Isiolo County, Kenya. Living Goods developed a delivery service that enables CHWs to order by phone and have products delivered by motorbike, reducing both time and expense.

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September 24, 2019

Fact Sheets

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November 18, 2019


Learnings Afoot as Isiolo Work Ramps Up

November 23, 2019

Following the momentous launch of the community health program, we are co-financing with Kenya’s Isiolo County government, the first 340 CHWs who graduated are now…

While there is great promise in extending and enhancing key health services in Isiolo County, it is a new and challenging environment on a variety…

We are also navigating how to efficiently manage operations when we do not have full ownership over all components and are working in even closer…

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Lilly Invests in African Healthcare Project

January 17, 2020

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