Family Planning & Healthy Pregnancies

To help women plan and space their pregnancies, our supported community health workers (CHWs) provide comprehensive family planning education and provide contraceptives. This started as a pilot experiment in two districts in Uganda but has been so successful we’re expanding it across all our Uganda and Kenya operations. Women are provided with the opportunity to access a broad range of contraceptives, and can also be referred for longer-term methods.

Through regular home visits from CHWs, pregnant women receive early pregnancy diagnoses, education on maternal health and nutrition, and the opportunity to register (through our app) to receive automated text messages with advice timed to their delivery date. CHWs use a module within the mobile app tailored to pregnancy to flag risk factors and danger signs, and to refer high-risk pregnancies to a proper facility. We work to ensure that all pregnant women attend all antenatal care clinic visits and give birth in a health facility.

Dr. Peter Kaddu, Director of Health, talks family planning at Living Goods.

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