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Another co- financing agreement in Kenya cemented

March 27, 2023

The County Government of Vihiga and Living Goods have inked a five-year agreement to commence implementation support to improve primary healthcare services for its 630,000…


Launching Our Learning Site in Burkina Faso

February 27, 2023

Burkina Faso has one of the highest rates of child mortality in the world, with one child in 11 dying before their 5th birthday. 70%…


Despite Hard Times, CHWs Continued Trend of Good Performance

February 27, 2023

We saw generally strong performance in Uganda, our longest-standing area of operations with more than 4,200 CHWs reaching 2.5 million people. CHWs again demonstrated their…


Carrying Forward a Family Legacy of Community Health Service

February 27, 2023

Some of Bethwell Ogot Otieno’s fondest memories of his mother are tied to his childhood days accompanying her on rounds as a CHW. “I’d join…


Leveraging Research to Save Lives

February 26, 2023

In partnership with governments, independent researchers and other organizations, Living Goods carries out innovation and research to maximize and optimize the impact of existing CHW…


After a successful pilot, Kenya eCHIS to be Scaled Countrywide

February 26, 2023

Together with the MOH and the Kisumu County Government, we piloted the country’s first electronic community health information system (eCHIS). The goal of the landmark…


Ugandan Ministry of Health Launches the National Community Health Strategy

February 10, 2023

  We congratulate the Ministry of Health of Uganda upon the critical milestone of launching the National Community Health Strategy, as envisioned in the Community…


Government Releases the Kenya Health and Demographic Survey 2022

January 25, 2023

The government this week released the Kenya Health and Demographic Survey (KHDS) 2022. The report provides updated estimates of several indicators, among them health, to…


More Community Health Workers Receive Equipment to Start Work in Living Goods’ Learning Site

January 19, 2023

January 17, 2023: On Tuesday, Living Goods handed over more community health worker (CHW) equipment to the Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso at an…


Strong Progress Digitizing Community Health in Kisumu

January 11, 2023

With Living Goods’ support, Kisumu County now has a total of 2,182 DESC-enabled CHWs actively providing comprehensive health services in their communities—a nearly 3-fold increase…

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