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“Community Health Worker Juliet is so important to our village.”

“Two weeks ago I thought I was going to lose my child. Tito [my son] fell sick in the evening and had very high fever. It…


How Living Goods Uses Smart Mobile Tools for Better Health Outcomes

Last summer, Living Goods launched an important test. We asked 30 of our Uganda community health promoters (CHPs) in our Mafubira branch to test out…

Media Mentions

Global Heroes: Health with Living Goods Health Trainer Anita

Global Superheroes: Health. This programme tells the stories of 5 young superheroes who have dedicated their lives to tackling some of the world's most pressing health issues. From maternal mortality, to HIV awareness, to preventable childhood diseases. We meet the inspiring young people who are on the ground each and everyday making a difference.


Scaling Performance Management Tools that Work in Community Health

Last month, leaders from seven countries gathered at Wilton Park with their partners around a common vision: achieving universal access to healthcare and transforming maternal-child health through…


Saving Lives and Providing Support: How Community Health Workers Serve Their Communities

It’s a great day when you hear a “thank you,” but it’s a wonderful day when you hear “there’s something you have done to save…

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