CHWs at the heart of primary health care in Busia

October 4, 2022

CHV Jacinta Packama Papai Malaba. Busia County conducting a house hold visit to a client with an U1. While tens of women busy themselves with…


Official launch of Living Goods’ Learning Site in Ziniare, Burkina Faso

September 12, 2022

On the 06th September, the Learning Site in Ziniare district was officially launched. This was an administrative launch pending the operationalization in early November 2022.…


CHW Sarah Nakyambadde: A Community Hero Who’s Stood The Test of Time

September 8, 2022

CHW Sarah attends to Huda’s son Mohammed. “It’s a blessing to have someone trustworthy—a CHW—within reach. It eases our response to healthcare because sometimes we…


Promising Steps Forward in Launching Burkina Faso’s Learning Site and eCHIS

September 7, 2022

Government partners and other stakeholders participate in a workshop to align on the country’s new eCHIS. A major effort in Q2 was readying for the…


Busia Kenya: Strong Performance as Family Planning is Scaled

September 6, 2022

CHW Irene Anyango performs a rapid malaria test on a sick child. CHWs in Busia County once again exceeded most targets this quarter. Major drivers…


Swift Team Expansion in Burkina Faso

August 23, 2022

The new Burkina Faso team undergoing a two-week training around both Ministry of Health (MoH) strategies and Living Goods’ ways of working. Last Tuesday, August…


Kenya: CHWs in Busia Continue Strong Trend of High Performance

August 17, 2022

Facilitation of a COVID-19 refresher training for CHWs in Busia. CHWs in our Busia County Learning Site continued their strong trend of high performance across…


Uganda: Tech Stability Enables Record Performance for CHWs

August 15, 2022

CHW Fatuma tests Gladys’s son for malaria using a rapid diagnostic test in a village in Mayuge district, Uganda. Ugandan CHWs in our Learning Site…


Evaline: Relying on Neighbor Sarah for a Healthy Pregnancy

August 12, 2022

CHW Sarah examines Evaline’s pregnancy during a routine antenatal care visit at her home. She has linked her to a health facility near her village…


Burkina Faso: Fluid Political Situation to Delay Learning Sites

August 11, 2022

Community immersion visit in Burkina Faso to collect views to inform creation of a digital tool for CHWs. Following a coup in January, Burkina Faso’s…

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