Stories from the Field: CHW Stories During COVID-19 in Uganda

Kirribwa Ronald, Kalangala District “I feel good that I’m a community health worker at this point in time. Before the pandemic, we used to make…

Press Releases

Living Goods Joins One by One: Target COVID-19 Campaign in Support of Community Health Workers across Africa

New York, New York, Dec 3: Living Goods and The Access Challenge have signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding to innovatively support community health workers…


Catalytic Funding to Advance Monumental eCHIS Initiative

WE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE KENYA MOH’S DIVISION OF COMMUNITY HEALTH in a lifetime opportunity to select, develop, test and implement its electronic community health…


Cautious Resumption of Priority In-Person Trainings

Living Goods halted all trainings at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only had governments banned public gatherings, but we also knew it would be impossible to safely continue our typical multiday indoor trainings with dozens of…

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