Living Goods’ new strategic plan focuses on the next frontier of impact: enabling government partners to improve health outcomes nationally, by ensuring CHWs can reach their full potential. Building on our unique experience supporting more than 12,000 CHWs to deliver quality health care to more than 9 million people, this plan focuses on ensuring high-quality, digitally enabled community health care can be professionalized and scaled more sustainably, in more countries—saving and improving more lives.

This strategy represents a material evolution of Living Goods’ work and journey to date and builds upon the wealth of valuable insights we’ve gained over the past 15 years in delivering high-impact care in partnership with governments. In the last few years, we have increasingly worked collaboratively with our government partners to design, test, scale and finance and implement community health solutions. We now aim to go even further.

This strategy is ambitiously centered on supporting governments to truly own and invest in stronger national health systems. We are trying to tackle huge underlying issues and have set targets that we know will be difficult to achieve. Consequently, we are entering this plan with humility, and a recognition that we have more to learn. We will remain flexible and adaptive throughout this journey and look forward to driving even greater impact as we work to influence the broader community health space with our findings.

View an online version of our strategic plan here or click on the image below to download a PDF of the plan.


Click the image to download our latest strategic plan!

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