Living Goods Overview

Living Goods deploys networks of community health workers who go door-to-door teaching families how to improve their health and wealth, and selling life-changing, life-saving products like simple treatments for malaria and diarrhea, fortified foods, clean birth kits, efficient cookstoves and solar lights. We are building a best-in-class community health platform that is exceptionally cost-effective and significantly scalable. The model recoups 100% of the products costs, and the wholesale margin covers a good portion of the costs of running the network, allowing the model to deliver robust impacts for between $1-2 per capita per year. Our agents earn a motivating income, keeping them active and solving the challenge of how to properly compensate community health workers. We offer a flexible, sustainable platform that can be used for almost any product or service—including health, energy, nutrition, clean water, and agriculture. More information at

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