Mission, Vision, and Values


Living Goods saves lives at scale by supporting digitally empowered community health workers who deliver care on call–making it easy for families in need to get the care they need.

  • To achieve this, we leverage smart mobile technology and real-time data to optimize outcomes, performance, and accountability.
  • We work closely with governments and partners to strengthen national community health systems.
  • We ensure health workers are effectively compensated, supervised and equipped
  • We nimbly innovate to deliver the greatest health outcomes at the least cost.
  • And we always aim for national scale, co-creating financing solutions to make universal health coverage a reality.


We envision a world where every family can easily access the healthcare they need to survive and thrive.


Put Families First

We work door-to-door, one family at a time, to improve health from the ground up. We believe in human dignity and the transformative power of strong, healthy communities. We listen to and value the voices of the community health workers and the families they serve as much as those of our partners and funders.

Make No Small Plans

Since we address problems that affect billions of people, we prioritize and reprioritize relentlessly and only pursue solutions that deliver global impact.

Drive Towards Sustainability

Achieving impact at scale requires sustainability. We support governments to strengthen their own community health programs and to permanently transform the way community health is financed. We push the envelope to reduce the cost of delivery.

Be Inventive and Adaptive

We implement ideas with the potential for game-changing impact that can be tested quickly and inexpensively. We are creative problem-solvers who react nimbly to challenges and opportunities. We support smart risk-taking and, when we fail, we fail fast and learn to improve.

Master the Art of Collaboration 

Our mission is ambitious, and we can’t do it alone. We work with equally ambitious and innovative partners, including governments, to save as many lives as possible. We seek exceptional, high-integrity colleagues and partners, and value collaboration, openness, team spirit, and individual leadership.

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