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Monica: Mother, Grandmother, and Now Health Provider to Her Community

BY Living Goods • August 28, 2015

monicaA widow since 1995, Monica has been the sole provider for her 12 children and, amazingly, has managed to put them all through secondary school  —  some even through university.

“I would take out loans to pay for school fees, then pay them off, and take another one,” said Monica. “I managed, but it has been difficult.”

Monica farms on a small scale for household consumption, but she has never had a job or a steady income. So, how amazing is it that this bubbly, energetic and instantly likeable mother of 12, grandmother of 12, and great grandmother of two now, at the age of 59, has the opportunity to earn an income, part of the first class of Living Goods Community Health Promoters to graduate in Kenya.

“I heard about Living Goods, and decided to join because it seemed like something good, something that can get me somewhere. I like what we do, treating people in their homes, helping the communities. That makes me happy.”

Monica is a pioneer in Kenya as it empowers counties to take charge of their own health systems. As part of this movement to the local level, Living Goods recently cut the ribbon on its newest branch in Busia County, Kenya in a novel partnership with the Busia Governor and Minister of Health. Over the next four years it plans to open 18 more branches across Kenya reaching over 1,500 villages.

“The community will be happy. No more standing in long lines to see a doctor, spending money on transport and, sometimes even going back home without treatment because the lines were too long."

“Imagine, people will come to me for help, they will be happy to know this old woman who is now a care provider in her home. I am so very happy and excited about starting my work.”