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  • High-impact. A large scale, independent randomized controlled trial demonstrated a 27 percent reduction in under-five child mortality.
  • Proven experience collaborating with large, complex implementing partners. We have partnered with BRAC Uganda, PSI Myanmar, Care Zambia, and others to support them to deliver comparable impact. We are also providing technical assistance to Kisii County in Kenya, with a population of 1.2 million, to adopt mHealth solutions and analyze and interpret dashboards to improve the performance management of their CHWs.
  • Cost-effective. Living Goods is dramatically reducing child mortality for less than $3 per person annually globally, and even less in certain countries.
  • The Living Goods approach is already operating in three countries, reflecting its adaptability to a range of contexts, budgets, and needs, and can operate on any suitable technology platform.
  • Innovative. Through our culture of constantly improving we are always testing new operational improvements and programmatic components, including innovations around technology, operations and financing, and incorporating best practices and learnings from other implementing partners.
  • Integrated data. Living Goods provides regular data reports to local and national governments and is supporting full integration with DHIS2 in Uganda and Kenya.
  • In Kenya and Uganda, we have secured MOUs at the national level and all districts and counties we operate in to serve as a key implementing partner managing government supported CHWs. We have also won permission from local regulators to expand the list of regulated medicines, diagnostics, and services CHWs can offer, thereby enabling permission for CHWs to offer antibiotics to treat pneumonia and rapid tests for malaria.

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