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Our Biggest Health Achievements of 2016!

BY Living Goods • March 31, 2017


As we look back on the past year and ahead to 2017, we’re humbled by the progress that has been made thanks to our partners, funders, team, and supporters. Our vision is ambitious: to provide every mother and child with a trained, stocked, and motivated community health worker. But we know that it is possible. We’d like to share some of the biggest achievements from 2016 that have helped pave the way toward this goal. 

Delivered Quality Health Services to Over Five Million People.

In 2016, the Living Goods and BRAC Community Health Promoter (CHP) network grew rapidly—scaling to over 6,000 CHPs across Uganda and Kenya, reaching over five million people with affordable, high-quality health care.

Pregnant mother with two children in Kampala, Uganda.

Fatuma and her two children in Kampala, Uganda are three of the five million people served by Living Goods and BRAC Community Health Promoters. 

Introduced Impact-Driving Mobile Tools. 

We teamed up with Medic Mobile to roll the powerful SmartHealth app across most of the Living Goods CHP network. The robust tool provides CHPs with additional support during home visits, guiding them through critical actions—such as screening for high-risk pregnancies or assessing, diagnosing, and treating sick children. The cloud-based app also provides an unprecedented wealth of data on CHP activity. Supervisors can monitor CHPs’ performance at any time, from any device—enabling them to provide additional support and quickly respond to bottlenecks.

Community Health Promoter assesses baby using her mobile phone app.

One Living Goods Community Health Promoter says the mobile app, "is like having a doctor in my hand!” 

Leveraged Evidence to Strengthen Community Health Delivery.

In November, researchers published a working paper summarizing the findings of  a randomized controlled trial that evaluated the Living Goods and BRAC model. The study showed a 27 percent reduction in deaths among children under five years old, supported by an increase in home visits, improved health behavior, and better health. Read more from Innovations for Poverty Action.

Kids in Uganda

Living Goods is decreasing child mortality by 27 percent for less than $2 per person. 

Treated over 1.5 Million Sick Children.

Since the inception of Living Goods, our dedicated and compassionate CHPs have treated a total of over 1.5 million children. In 2016 alone, our CHPs supported over 200,000 pregnancies, and treated nearly 200,000 sick children under one and almost 700,000 sick children under five.

Community Health Promoter in Uganda holds young boy as she tests him for malaria

Living Goods Community Health Promoter Josephine comforts three-year-old child while waiting for the results of a malaria test. 

We covered a lot of ground in 2016, but we can’t stop there. Together, we can change the way community health is delivered across the globe. We're the first to admit that achieving this will be no small feat. But we have the right results, partners, experience, team--and supporters like you--to move us in the right direction. 

Thank you for joining us on this next phase of the journey!