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Pouline Nasuna on Making a Living and a Difference

Pouline is 42 and lives with her 20-year-old twins in Mawonwe in Mpigi district. Pouline has been a Community Health Promoter (CHP) for one year. As she recently told us, “I always wanted to be a nurse or health practitioner, but never had money for the studies, so when this opportunity came about, I jumped […]

Sarah Masajage Brings Vision to Her Community

Sarah Masajage and her fellow Community Health Promoters are waiting as local residents erect their communal tent. Used for a variety of community activities, on this day it will offer shelter for Living Goods customers attending the first ever Vision Camp in Bwaise, a huge slum settlement in the outskirts of Kampala. During training sessions conducted […]

The Ever-Popular Nanyanzi Harriet

We’re pretty impressed with Nanyanzi Harriet. “I’ve always wanted to be a doctor; for as long as I can remember” she told us last week. “Just like my father. He was a doctor at Mulago Hospital.” But her father passed away when she was young, she said, and there was never enough money in the family to […]

Monica: Mother, Grandmother, and Now Health Provider to Her Community

A widow since 1995, Monica has been the sole provider for her 12 children and, amazingly, has managed to put them all through secondary school  —  some even through university. “I would take out loans to pay for school fees, then pay them off, and take another one,” said Monica. “I managed, but it has […]


Living Goods Graduates a New Class of...

Less than a third of Ugandan school children complete their primary education. More education — and graduation ceremonies — is almost entirely out of reach for the country’s largely poor population. So when Living Goods graduates a new class of Community Health Promoters, it is a big event for the graduates themselves, and for friends and family, who turn […]


How Living Goods Uses Smart Mobile Tools for Better Health Outcomes

Last summer, Living Goods launched an important test. We asked 30 of our Uganda community health promoters (CHPs) in our Mafubira branch to test out a new set of Android smartphone apps to help them better register, diagnose and treat children and pregnant mothers. We weren’t sure what to expect. Would the agents be comfortable […]

Justine Delivers Healthy Start and Other Products to the Doorsteps of the Poor in Uganda

Justine Kiwanuka is a veteran Living Goods Community Health Promoter in Uganda. She joined the Tula branch when Living Goods launched there five years ago, and is the branch’s overall best performer. When new products are introduced, such as the recently launched Healthy Start porridge, Living Goods’ private label fortified porridge, Justine takes samples to […]