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Welcome (back) Shaun Church, our New President

BY Chuck Slaughter • April 04, 2016

A message from the founder:

In May of this year Living Goods will turn 10 years old. Living Goods now stands on its strongest footing since our founding. We have clear proof our model saves lives. On the strength of that evidence in 2016 we are rapidly growing to serve 5 million people – a population greater than that of Ireland. We tripled the amount of grant funding raised in 2015, our global team grew 40% last year, and is stronger on all levels than ever before. And we know where we are headed, as clearly laid out in the four-year plan backed by our board and funders.

Standing on this solid ground, I am very excited to announce that our future is about to get even brighter.

At our last board meeting we voted unanimously to hire Shaun Church, our esteemed former COO, as Living Goods’ next President. I will be stepping down from that role, but will remain on the board, and importantly, will remain deeply engaged in Living Goods’ continued growth by supporting Shaun, the team and the board in the key areas outlined below. Shaun will be based in our San Francisco office and will travel to our operations frequently. Shaun started his new role on April 1st, 2016.

Shaun brings exemplary credentials for this role. After a successful ten-year career at Goldman Sachs, Shaun left the world of banking to commit himself to more purposeful work. Shaun volunteered in leadership roles at a range of non-profits, from San Francisco to South Africa, whose common aim is serving those most in need. Notably, he led an aggressive expansion effort at mothers2mothers helping them grow successfully into six new countries. I hired Shaun at the start of 2013 as our founding Kenya Country Director. Shaun quickly demonstrated his exceptional leadership abilities, as a result of which I promoted him to Chief Operating Officer. In these roles he substantially strengthened our Africa operations and hired many of our top leaders there. During his tenure here he earned the admiration and confidence of the staff, the board and many of our funders. I hold the deepest possible respect for Shaun. He is one of the strongest leaders I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He distinguished himself at Living Goods by leading with passion and heart, and by working tirelessly to improve the lives of our customers. Simply put, there is no one I know who I would trust more to lead Living Goods into our second decade.

Shaun and I share a deep commitment to Living Goods’ core values and are highly aligned on the current strategic plan. We are not planning any major shifts in direction, nor are there any other senior management changes planned.

Have no doubt, I remain as committed to our mission as ever. Living Goods is entering an exciting new phase that requires changing how the largest institutions plan, finance and implement community health. Bringing Shaun on as President will free me to devote more of my time and energy to advocate for our vision of systemic change. To support and drive this vital effort, the board created an Advocacy Committee and appointed me as chair. In this role I will work closely with Shaun to energetically advocate for Living Goods’ long-term vision with key policy makers, forums, and media. I will also provide ongoing strategic advice to Shaun and the team and will continue helping Living Goods pursue the financing needed to scale by enhancing relationships with current donors and cultivating new ones.

Let me say how excited I am that Shaun is re-joining the incredible Living Goods team. He is committed to carrying the flame of Living Goods’ core values and ensuring our people, plans and practices adhere closely to these ideals. I will do all in my power to effectively support Shaun and Living Goods. I am confident he will make a profound and lasting difference in achieving our vital mission, building on Living Goods’ accomplishments and, above all, maximizing the scale and depth of our positive impact on human lives. Please join me in welcoming Shaun back to the Living Goods team.

Chuck Slaughter, Founder