Innovative Finance

Research tells us what works. It separates intentions from results. We know Living Goods saves lives because independent research has demonstrated this to be true.

Our Approach to Innovative Finance

Living Goods is working on trialing and mainstreaming innovative financing mechanisms that generate additional development funds beyond traditional funding from established donors, enhance the efficiency of financial flows by reducing delivery time and/or costs, and make financial flows more results-oriented, by linking funding flows to measurable performance.

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Government Contracting

Living Goods is working to better understand the current flow of government funds for primary health care (and community health, more specifically); advocate for increased investment in community health; build governments’ capacities to spend, direct, and attract funds towards community health; and pioneer new contracting mechanisms for community health with the support of local governments ranging from co-financing agreements with governments, to results-based financing mechanisms.

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Results-Based Financing

When well designed, RBFs can significantly improve desired development outcomes by creating accountability and incentivizing cost-effectiveness. They can help crowd in more community health resources from risk-averse government, bilateral, and multilateral donors, driving progress toward universal health coverage.

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Kenya Investment Case

To surmount the challenges many local governments face in financing community health, we work to provide the evidence and support needed to shift budgets and priorities. To that end, we work closely with governments and key partners to build investment cases that demonstrate the intrinsic value and savings community health creates.

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