Our Approach to Innovative Finance

Community health services have tremendous potential to reduce maternal, newborn, and child mortality—central outcomes of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Agenda. However, despite its critical role in driving the attainment of universal health coverage and a positive impact on other essential development indicators, funding for community health remains low.

Living Goods is working on trialing and mainstreaming innovative financing mechanisms that generate additional development funds beyond traditional funding from established donors, enhance the efficiency of financial flows by reducing delivery time and/or costs, and make financial flows more results-oriented, by linking funding flows to measurable performance. We work to support governments bi/multilateral donors to develop sustainable financial structures that can enable them to effectively advocate for and structure and finance community health programs for the long term.

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Engaging Policymakers to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage

January 30, 2019

For more than 70 years, the movement to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has been about advancing the fundamental human right every person has to a healthy…

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