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Where We Work

Living Goods aims to improve the health and wealth of 50 million people in need over the next ten years. To reach that scale Living Goods will continue to grow and improve its own operations. More importantly, we must help others learn from and adapt our proven model. Over 100 organizations have already asked for our help.

Our partnerships team is collaborating with some the world’s largest forward-thinking NGOs to adapt our model. Our shared success will help the biggest actors in public health to achieve the greatest return—measured in lives saved—for their limited resources.



Living Goods launched in Uganda in 2007. We support our own a network of agents, and partner with BRAC Uganda, for whom we provide strategy support, product selection and procurement, mobile technology, and financing. We also work closely with the Ministry of Health and district health teams. By the end of 2015 Living Goods and BRAC will support over 3,000 Health Promoters in Uganda and plan to double that over the next four years.



Living Goods launched a Community Health Promoter network in Kenya in 2015. We work closely with the national and county health ministries. We will be expanding to support 1,800 agents in the next four years.



Population Services International (PSI) Myanmar is adapting the Living Goods model to improve the sustainability and impact of its Sun Primary Health network of over 1,800 community agents. Living Goods is helping PSI with every aspect of the system from financial modelling and impact planning, to product selection, sourcing, and agent recruitment.



CARE Zambia asked Living Goods to help them design and build a sustainable entrepreneurial health worker platform. The endeavour is backed by Glaxo Smith Kline and Barclays Bank. CARE aims to deploy 4,000 agents in Zambia.

Living Goods is searching for dynamic partners to replicate the Living Goods model in new markets including Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, and India. Call or email us to learn more.

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