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About Us

Living Goods aims to save lives at scale by supporting digitally-empowered community health workers.

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Our Timeline

From humble beginnings in Uganda to our expansion in Kenya and Myanmar, explore Living Goods’ history over the last 13 years.

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Our Leadership

Our senior leadership leverages a robust combination of public- and private-sector experience to ensure our organization and the programs we support are driven by results.

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Founding Story

From a Connecticut suburb to an international nonprofit, explore our founding story to see how Living Goods became what it is today.

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Board & Advisors

Learn about our Board of Directors and Advisors.

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Why Community Health?

Community health workers can save millions of lives far faster and at a lower cost than facility-based care. Community health is fundamental to delivering universal health coverage.

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Awards & Testimonials

“Living Goods is an exceptional champion that constantly keeps quality and innovation at the forefront of their work. They are a systems thinker, bridging technology, government, and a private sector mindset to provide quality healthcare to millions of people in Africa and beyond.”

Tim Hanstad, CEO, Chandler Foundation

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Find our addresses, phone numbers and general email addresses for getting in touch!

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