About Living Goods

Living Goods aims to save lives at scale by supporting digitally empowered community health workers. We work with governments and partners to leverage smart mobile technology, rigorously strengthen performance, and relentlessly innovate to cost-effectively deliver high-quality, impactful health services.

Effective community health programs save lives. Living Goods leverages a powerful combination of catalytic technology, high-impact training, and quality treatments that empower government community health workers (CHWs) to deliver quality care to their neighbors’ doorsteps. These CHWs also earn meaningful compensation and enhance their stature in the process, reinforcing a virtuous cycle of trust. We are deeply focused on systemic change, and partner with governments and other partners to transform access to primary health care for mothers and children. We put patients first and strive to create a world in which every mother gives birth safely and no child dies from an easily treatable–or preventable–disease like malaria, pneumonia, or diarrhea. We believe universal health care is possible when community health workers (CHWs) are equipped to serve as the engine for stronger health systems.

Living Goods is a nonprofit, but we apply best practices borrowed from the private sector to drive measurable results and ensure cost-effective services. We’re nimble and quick-footed, and hold ourselves accountable to quantifiable and aggressive targets designed to drive health impact. We’re idealistic—but pragmatic—and we push ourselves to learn, adapt, and optimize our approaches in cases where we fail to meet targets or when local circumstances change.

We’re also fanatical about numbers. By maintaining our focus on measurable data, we’ve found technology and analytics are valuable allies in driving cost-effective, high-quality community health programs. We infuse data into our end-to-end operations, from real-time performance management to preventing stock-outs of essential medicines, monitoring disease outbreaks, ensuring equity in treatment, and closing gaps in patient referrals to full-service health facilities.

Why Community Health?

Community health workers can save millions of lives far faster and at a lower cost than facility-based care. Community health is fundamental to delivering universal health coverage.

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Experimentation, innovation, and research are fundamental elements of our DNA.  We relentlessly seek the highest returns on investment and optimal solutions in community health. And we embrace opportunities to both share our expertise and learn from others at local, national, and global levels, to bolster political will for effective, high-quality, community-based care. With our CEO and 97 percent of our staff based in East Africa, we’re committed to staying close to patients and governments. This enables us to regularly seek and incorporate their feedback to continuously improve our services.

Living Goods began operations in Uganda in 2007, bringing our services to Kenya and Myanmar in 2015. We’re now aiming to strategically expand across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Because our ideas are transformational and require local leadership, we cannot do it alone.

By 2021, Living Goods aims to provide quality primary health care to more than 25 million people by supporting 34,000 digitally empowered community health workers.

A key component of our strategy to meet that goal is working with the governments of Kenya and Uganda to strengthen and scale their community health programs. We’ll also get there by deepening the care people receive so that they can access newer services like family planning and immunization counseling and referrals. We also seek to scale by supporting additional governments and implementing partners in new geographies to fund, operate, and manage their own life-saving community health services.

Overview of our Strategy

By 2021, we will have saved tens of thousands of children’s lives and will have taken a significant leap toward spreading life-saving, sustainably financed community health across the developing world.

Living Goods believes that, with our partners, we can make a transformative contribution toward meeting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of reducing maternal mortality, ending preventable child deaths, and expanding universal health coverage to everyone, no matter where they live.

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