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Change Made Possible by Visionary Partners

Living Goods delivers deep impact thanks to the generous support of our visionary financial partners. We work with funders who share our passion for change, our enthusiasm for innovation, and our dedication to rigorous measurement.

Flexible Financing Accelerates Innovation

Living Goods employs a venture capital style approach to financing. We seek large commitments from organizations and individuals who share our vision for using business approaches to address big social problems. Our funders provide largely unrestricted support. This flexible funding enables Living Goods to be quick footed, to try new things, to fail, to learn quickly, and to improve continuously.

Living Goods’ hybrid model is highly cost effective, generating retail revenues that pay for the products, retail margins that provides motivating incomes for the agents, and wholesale margins that cover much of the field distribution costs. As a result of this innovative and efficient approach, Living Goods is dramatically reducing child mortality for net yearly cost per capita of less than $2. Call or email us to learn more.

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