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Living Goods Mission and Values

Core Purpose

Living Goods empowers people in need to improve their health and wealth by sustainably expanding access to life-changing products and services

Long Term Vision

By 2025 Living Goods and its partners will improve the health and wealth of 50 million people in need

Our Core Values

  • Focus Relentlessly on Improving Lives We guide all our actions by our mission of improving the lives and health of people in need. To succeed in this we must be great listeners, continuously seeking input from our clients to serve them better.
  • Make No Small Plans Because we address problems that afflict billions of people, we seek solutions that have global potential. We create social enterprises that can grow quickly to national scale and readily replicate across many countries.
  • Drive to Sustainability Impact without sustainability cannot scale. We aim for financial sustainability that can dramatically magnify the reach and impact of NGOs, companies, and governments.
  • Be Inventive and Quick-Footed We continually innovate and implement ideas with potential for game-changing impact that can be tested quickly and inexpensively. We are creative problem-solvers who react nimbly to challenges and opportunities, support smart risk-taking, accept failures, and thrive on learning.
  • Master the Art of Collaboration Impact at great scale cannot be accomplished alone. We seek exceptional, high-integrity colleagues and partners, and value collaboration, openness, team spirit, and personal leadership.