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Change Made Possible by Visionary Partners

Living Goods delivers deep impact thanks to the generous support of our visionary financial partners. We work with funders who share our passion for change, our enthusiasm for innovation, and our dedication to rigorous measurement.

“We are proud to support Living Goods’ game-changing model that empowers health entrepreneurs while delivering affordable, quality, community-based healthcare to the communities that need it the most” Ann Mei ChangUSAID’s Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director of the U.S. Global Development Lab

“Living Goods’ market-based model and entrepreneurs serve families who lack access to essential, life-altering products. The team is demonstrating their impact, refining their business model, and expanding their capacity; all of which led to Omidyar Network’s continued support.” Eliza EriksonOmidyar Network

“We've been supporters since 2008. Living Goods hires great talent, measures everything, and changes direction when the data tells them to. We love the model, the impact, the scale potential, and the team.” Sam MorganJasmine Social Investments

“Living Goods has gone well beyond offering health products and education. They have created a new vision of what community health workers can achieve when you hire the right people, manage them in the right way, and ensure that they have what they need when they need it.” Kevin StarrMulago Foundation

“Living Goods is just the type of organization we love to fund: entrepreneurial, willing to take calculated risks and pivot on a dime if needed, transparent and accountable, cost-effective, and most importantly, impactful. Chuck’s experience building a company shines through in his ability to create impact that can scale.” Dave PeeryPeery Foundation

“Living Goods is truly one of the most entrepreneurial NGOs I know. They have realized tremendous impact in the reduction of child mortality while helping thousands of community health workers to raise their income and better provide for their families.” David WeekleyDavid Weekley Family Foundation

“Draper Richards Kaplan has backed scores of great social leaders, and Chuck Slaughter of Living Goods is one of the best. He’s taken his business acumen and created a sustainable business model that is employing thousands of community health workers who are delivering life-saving products and education to the doorsteps of the poor.” Bill DraperDraper Richards Kaplan Foundation

“Living Goods’ commitment to data and honest self-assessment is laudable and, unfortunately, all too rare.. This commitment has meant the Living Goods team can ask and answer difficult questions about the model and smartly iterate based on rigorous measurement, not gut instinct.” Andy BryantSegal Family Foundation

“Innovative, impactful, outcome-oriented solutions: that's what we look for in our partners, and that's exactly what Living Goods delivers time and time again.” Phyllis CostanzaUBS Optimus Foundation

“ELMA believes that over the long term, this model can transform community health programs in Africa to be more scalable, cost-effective, and ultimately have greater impact on the lives of children and families at the base of the pyramid.” Robyn CalderThe ELMA Philanthropies

“Chuck is both a visionary and an excellent operator. He is able to attract and retain top talent and constantly adjusts Living Goods’ model to maximize the organization's chances to reach impact at scale. What we have seen so far is only the beginning.” Heiner BaumanBARR Foundation

“Living Goods is building a scalable, sustainable model with a focus on results.” Cheryl ZimlichBohemian Foundation

"We're consistently impressed with Living Goods' commitment to rigorous testing, data-driven results and immense accountability. But it's the stories we hear from Community Health Promoters about the incalculable ways their lives have changed while working with Living Goods that is absolutely extraordinary.” Becky Straw The Adventure Project

"Three years ago, Cisco made a modest, early stage investment to help Living Goods develop a mobile technology platform. Since then, mobile technology has become core to their model - used by every health promoter every day to expand sales, lower costs, increase scale and impact, and drive sustainability.” Charu Adesnik, Deputy DirectorCisco Foundation

“Living Goods is a standout organization, and an organization that we feel offers donors an outstanding opportunity to accomplish good with their donations.” GiveWell review of Living Goods


“Living Goods in Uganda joined the Epic Portfolio of high-impact organizations in 2016 and we are proud to support them. Training local, community health workers enables the provision of needed care and services and has a measurable impact on health for mothers and children.” Alexandre MarsEpic Foundation

“Living Goods is empowering women through their sustainable community healthcare that brings healthcare directly to the families most in need. We are proud to support this model that advances women's health and economic access.” Colleen GregersonBattery Powered

“We are proud to be supporting such a dynamic organisation that uses mobile tools and data analysis to ensure that the thousands of women entrepreneurs in its network are consistently providing life-saving and cost-effective healthcare in their communities. Thanks to the whole team for their continuous and inspiring efforts!” Nicholas CournoyerMontpelier Foundation

Flexible Financing Accelerates Innovation

Living Goods employs a venture capital style approach to financing. We seek large commitments from organizations and individuals who share our vision for using business approaches to address big social problems. Our funders provide largely unrestricted support. This flexible funding enables Living Goods to be quick footed, to try new things, to fail, to learn quickly, and to improve continuously.

Living Goods’ hybrid model is highly cost effective, generating retail revenues that pay for the products, retail margins that provides motivating incomes for the agents, and wholesale margins that cover much of the field distribution costs. As a result of this innovative and efficient approach, Living Goods is dramatically reducing child mortality for net yearly cost per capita of less than $2. Call or email us to learn more.

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