We Empower Community Health Workers with Technology to 
Save Kids Lives

Living Goods leverages a powerful combination of catalytic technology, high-impact training, and quality treatments that empower government community health workers (CHWs) to deliver quality care to their neighbors’ doorsteps.

Performance Management

Using technology, supportive supervision, and by optimizing how community health workers spend their time, we work to ensure quality of care and effectively monitor health service provision.

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We leverage cutting-edge mobile technology and data-driven performance management to power effective community health programs.

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Innovative Financing

Living Goods is working to develop and mainstream innovative financing mechanisms that generate additional development funds for community health.

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Results, Evidence and Research

Living Goods’ reason for being is to improve and save lives. We employ the best research, monitoring and evaluation tools available to ensure we are realizing our mission.

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Government Relations and Advocacy

We’re passionate advocates for community health at local, national and international levels, and partner with governments to develop supportive policies and frameworks.

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We use our operations as a testbed for innovation and scale to expand the pipeline of groundbreaking ideas that ensure patients receive quality care at  the community level

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