Armand Bambara, Digital Health Specialist, Living Goods Burkina Faso

I joined Living Goods in January 2020 as a Digital Health Consultant for Burkina Faso, and I am currently part of the Program Team as a Digital Health Specialist. In addition to the technological element of this role, it also involves engaging with multiple stakeholders at government, implementing partner, and donor levels.

Being in the digital Health space for over a decade, I wanted more diversity in my experience. With Living Goods, I enjoy the opportunity to support door-to-door health care service delivery. Personalized impact and service delivery beyond seeing patients as numbers on a spreadsheet is important to me. Living Goods’ family-first model is mind-blowing. Living Goods is full of caring, talented, and professional team members, and I enjoy the collaborative efforts contributing to saving more lives!

mHealth_develpment_session_Manga-District, Burkina Faso

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