CHWs Deliver Impressive Immunization Results

Research also enabled us to contribute to the evidence base around how well-supported CHWs are closing the immunization gap. Promising endline results from our three-year partnership with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Ministries of Health in Uganda and Kenya showed that the 6,500+ government CHWs we trained were able to significantly increase demand for vaccines and dispel misconceptions.

  • Between baseline and endline studies, researchers found that full immunization coverage improved 36% in Uganda (from 50% to 68%) and by 69% in Kenya (from 44% to 74%).
  • Zero-dose children aged six weeks to 59 months—who had never received any vaccines—dropped 87% in Kenya (from 5.2% to 0.7%) and 47% in Uganda (from 13.2% to 7%).
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