Client Testimonial: Félicité’s Journey with Community Health Worker Zoundi

In the village of Tangzougou, Ziniaré Health District, 19-year-old Félicité and her husband, Asise, joyfully welcomed their first child on January 4, 2024. Living in such a remote area presents challenges when accessing healthcare.

Fortunately, Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene and partners like Living Goods are working together to improve access to health services at the community level through digitized and well-supported community health workers (CHWs) like Zoundi.

Félicité and her husband Asise chat with CHWZoundi and a Living Goods CHW supervisor.

Félicité and her husband Asise chat with CHW Zoundi and a Living Goods CHW supervisor.

She was heavily pregnant when we last saw Félicité in late November 2023. Now, holding her bundle of joy in her arms with her husband by her side, she recounts: “Until my fifth month of pregnancy, I had not had access to antenatal care. CHW Zoundi met me during a village gathering and advised me to visit the health facility.

I followed his advice and later, he visited me at home. It was through him that I learned about sleeping under a mosquito net, maintaining hygiene, taking the prescribed supplements, and visiting the health facility when I felt unwell. I did not know all of this before meeting Zoundi. He also advised me on what to take to the health facility for my delivery.

Félicité and her son.

Félicité and her son.

Fortunately, I had no complications. Zoundi came to see me after the birth. He taught me about childcare, the importance of exclusive breastfeeding, signs of complications to watch for, and the significance of vaccination.

Since birth, our child has been healthy. He is now 4 months old and has not fallen ill. I know it’s a blessing, but I also know it’s thanks to CHW Zoundi’s advice, which I follow diligently. It would have been complicated for us if I hadn’t received this advice, especially since this is our first child.

I am honored that CHW Zoundi still comes to check on us at home. I am proud to have benefited from all his support, and I am very happy. Thanks to him, I know how to take care of myself and my boy.”

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