Evaline: Relying on Neighbor Sarah for a Healthy Pregnancy

CHW Sarah examines Evaline’s pregnancy during a routine antenatal care visit at her home. She has linked her to a health facility near her village where she’ll deliver.

Seeing 31-year-old Evaline Atino move about her home with ease, you wouldn’t believe she’s already eight months pregnant. Warm and vibrant, Evaline is married and already has three children. She is quick to  mention that every pregnancy behaves differently and requires adequate support.

Although she lives just about 1.5km away from a health center, she has relied more on the services of her neighbor CHW Sarah to support her in this pregnancy.

“Sarah started attending to me when I was just two months pregnant. She has taught me about danger signs during pregnancy, how to avoid malaria, and what foods to eat to ensure a balanced diet,” Evaline narrates.

“More recently, she has been talking to me about my birth plan. She has advised on what I need to have before I go to the health center for delivery.”

Because they only live a few houses from each other, Sarah frequently checks in on Evaline and knows her expected date of delivery. Sarah is proud to show off the phone and mHealth app she now uses as a decision support tool and job aid, instead of the old paper-based tools.

Sarah gets reminders on her phone about when to follow-up with her clients, to ensure mothers like Evaline do not miss their antenatal care visits, and that they are linked to health facilities for safe delivery.

“I appreciate Sarah very much, and the community loves her because she sacrifices a lot and loves to see people living disease free lives. She has a heart for people. When she comes to my home and I’m not around, she waits. She has helped me a lot!”

CHW Sarah leaving Evaline’s home after a routine antenatal care visit.

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