Kisumu County Reaches 100% CHW Coverage

Following an impact optimization plan launched last quarter, CHWs in Kisumu largely maintained stable performance in Q3, although it still fell below the target. Notably, in collaboration with the county government, we completed the training of the final cohort of 465 CHWs, achieving 100% coverage in the county.

This brings the total number of supported CHWs to approximately 3,000, a number comparable to the CHW count in some entire countries. These CHWs will begin actively providing health services in the coming weeks. However, there were challenges including inconsistent commodity supply.

This affected performance, because when CHWs lack essential supplies, they tend to reduce all household visits. We have adopted commodity management standard operating procedures to help address this challenge. We continue to support the improvement plan on all DESC (digitally enabled, equipped, supervised, and compensated) elements, such as working with the county to ensure up-to-date stipend payments and phone replacement protocols.

Rose Anyango Akumu, a dedicated Community Health Volunteer (CHV), actively engages with Veronica Achieng and her son during a household visit. The use of visual aids is a great advantage for information dissemination.


We have made good progress, but it will take time to make more refinements and ensure consistent delivery. Ongoing actions include weekly target setting for sick child mapping and focusing on CHWs. without pregnancy registrations in the last three months and ensuring 100% of the CHWs are actively engaged in providing family planning services.

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