Paul Juma, Android Field Support Officer, Living Goods Kenya

I joined Living Goods in July 2015 as an Android Field Support Officer for Busia, Kenya. Since then, I have participated in the launch, scaling, and delivery of quality community health services in multiple regions across Kenya. My commitment to driving positive social outcomes and community health impact through m-Health technology keeps me going in my role at Living Goods.

Being at Living Goods has allowed me to develop into a competent, reliable, and credible professional making viable contributions in pursuit of solutions to the challenges facing rural community health systems. I have also had great opportunities to learn and grow my career over the six years. I am currently part of the technology team, coordinating regional technology field support officers.

Living Goods provides a work-life balance that has given me time to spend with my family and pursue personal interests. I love it here! The future of Living Goods is bright!


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