Productive iCCM Sensitization Session in Kisumu, Kenya

What great engagements we recently had with the county government of Kisumu Health Management Team (CHMT) Kenya, during a sensitization session on Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM).

Led by the Department of Child Health, the session focused on the use of amoxicillin by Community Health Workers (CHWs) to treat non-severe pneumonia for children under the age of five.

Previous TOT training by the Ministry of Health, Kenya paved the way for training and kitting of CHWs with amoxicillin to allow for diagnosis and timely treatment of uncomplicated pneumonia in the community.

Pneumonia is still a big cause of morbidity and mortality accounting for up to 26% of Under 5 hospitalizations across Africa and 30% in Kenya.

This session was part of the wider efforts to sensitize counties on the new policy for Pneumonia Case management. The policy allows CHWs to treat uncomplicated pneumonia cases at the community level using Amoxyl DT.

Very critical, especially now that the national government is scaling eCHIS where Amoxil is part of the commodities package in the enhanced CHWs Kits. Kisumu County has already onboarded about 2,500 CHPs on eCHIS and CHWs trained on the ICCM modules.

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