This World Health Worker Week, Let’s Celebrate Community Health Workers

This World Health Worker Week, Living Goods is celebrating the accomplishments of community health workers (CHWs) around the world! An essential part of the primary health care system, CHWs are often the unsung heroes delivering health services to the most hard-to-reach communities. By bringing quality care to a family’s doorstep, CHWs save lives, contain health crises, and keep health care affordable, all while delivering a positive economic return, reducing unemployment, and empowering women.

Living Goods is proud to support CHWs with cutting-edge technology and training to address diverse health issues. CHWs supported by Living Goods provide education, diagnoses, and treatments to neighborhoods near and far.

Meet Zaina

Iganga, Uganda

Zaina decided to become a CHW in the summer of 2018, motivated by the desire to help her neighbors while earning some spending money in the process. Working within a highly mobile community in Iganga, Uganda—one of Living Goods’ highest performing branches—it’s

challenging keeping tabs on all the pregnant women and children under 5. Pictured with a mother who gave birth at home, and whose child has struggled with several illnesses, Zaina goes out of her way to make extra home visits to check in. “I really feel like I have found my purpose—my true calling—by serving my community like this,” she said.


Meet Casmil

Suneka, Kenya

Casmil, a CHW who works out of our Suneka, Kenya field office, spent more than a decade as a government community health worker before he started receiving support through Living Goods. “It’s like night and day, having the digital tools to aid with assessments, and being able to actually treat people who are ill on the spot.” Although Casmil had received training when he initially began serving his community, he said it was challenging keeping his skills fresh. He says it’s much easier to do his job effectively thanks to regular monthly in-service refresher trainings, the supportive supervision he receives, and the ways the app helps him optimize the time he spends supporting his neighbors each day.


Meet Justine

Bwaise, Uganda

Justine has been working as a CHW in our Bwaise, Uganda branch for the last several years, and was among the first 60 CHWs to pilot family planning services with Living Goods. Based in a peri-urban area outside the capital of Kampala, she regularly introduced herself and her services to new residents, while following up with longstanding clients. Family planning services are in high demand, with many women opting for the long-lasting Sayana Press injection. CHWs like Justine play an important role in sharing accurate information and fielding questions about the side effects of various contraceptive methods.

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