Uganda launches a Community Engagement Strategy for COVID-19 Response

Living Goods’ Uganda Country Director Christine Namayanja (in grey suit) attends an event to release the government’s new COVID-19 Community Engagement Strategy that we supported.

Although The Lancet ranked Uganda as one of the best performers in managing COVID-19 in Africa, the country’s outbreak has nonetheless reached Phase IV, with widespread community transmission in many districts. Living Goods has continued to support MOH to prioritize work around community engagement. 

We were acknowledged by the prime minister at the launch of the Community Engagement Strategy for COVID-19 Response in Uganda for providing essential technical support. The objective of this strategy is to ensure that all people in Uganda are aware, empowered and participating actively in the prevention and control of COVID-19, as both a duty and a right. The strategy recommends using existing structures, resources, and relying on intersectoral collaboration to fight COVID 19 at the community level.   

Additionally, the government has committed to start paying at least one CHW per village an allowance of close to $30 per month for COVID-related community-health work. This shows the government’s commitment to utilizing CHWs as a resource for delivering primary health care, especially during this pandemic.   

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