Busia Kenya: Strong Performance as Family Planning is Scaled

CHW Irene Anyango performs a rapid malaria test on a sick child.

CHWs in Busia County once again exceeded most targets this quarter. Major drivers of success were high supervision rates – with 95% of CHWs getting direct supervision in the past month against the target of 75%—and 89% of CHWs fully in-stock of essential medicines and other commodities.

Family planning services remained strong after fully scaling training to all CHWs in Busia last quarter. CHWs have been successful with family planning counselling and referrals to link facilities, since the government limits CHWs in directly dispensing contraceptives. This has led to a 26% increase in couple years of protection per CHW and more than 1,500 unintended pregnancies averted this quarter. 

CHWs’ sustained campaigns to create awareness and drive demand for vaccinations continues to be a notable success in Busia, with 97% of children fully immunized against the target of 65%.

Additionally, U5 treatments and referrals were 18% above target and sick child referral completions remained high at 96%. Although per CHW U1 treatments and referrals remain below target, there has been progress from 2.8 in Q4 2021 to 3.5 in Q2, against the target of 5. Importantly, we upgraded CHWs to the newest version of the Community Health Toolkit—the platform upon which our Smart Health app was developed—to ensure stability and improved performance. There are still some minor issues like uncaptured households and slow loading of phones, but the team is working to resolve these as they occur.

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