Embracing technology, working smarter: Living Goods at 15 years

Daniel Mugula, a Digital Support Officer working with Living Goods since August 2013 acknowledges that Living Goods operations have evolved immensely over the years.

Daniel Mugula, a trouble shooting some of the mobile phones 

“Initially, our VHTs used paper-based registers for capturing community information, namely; the Treatment Register, Pregnancy Register and the Family Register. Thereafter, we transitioned to SMS reporting, where VHTs were given feature phones to capture information, and further to the Smart Health Application, built in-house by our staff. The application has since undergone a number of upgrades by our team, using internal resources.

The application keeps us linked to the communities, because we get information from our community health supporters (VHTs) in real time. Our VHTs are empowered digitally and once they carry out assessments and registration of patients via the smart Health App, it is immediately captured onto our performance management dashboards for assessment by the performance engineers. Hence, we are able to analyse the data and know which VHT is hitting their key performance indicators, who needs support in terms of training, etc. Internally as an organization, we have also employed a digital assets management tracker. Furthermore, we are now tracking issues using the ticketing system.”

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