Enhancing Commodity Workflow on eCHIS: Living Goods Collaborates with MoH Kenya and Partners

Living Goods is proud to be a tech-agnostic organization. Our technical expertise and implementation experience in Vihiga, Kisumu, and Isiolo Counties were essential during recent engagements aimed at enhancing the Electronic Community Health Information System (eCHIS) commodity workflow. This initiative was led by the Ministry of Health and supported by the USAID Misingi Imara Project (UMI).

The workshop brought together supply chain experts from the Division of Health Products and Technologies, end users (sub-county focal persons, community health assistants (CHAs), and community health promoters (CHPs), technology partner Medic, and implementing partners including In-Supply Health, Red-Cross, LWALA, and Living Goods. The goal was to address workflow gaps in commodity management from the facilities to the CHPs.

We have developed a new first-aid service form for tracking commodities and standardized drug names on child assessment forms to ensure accurate inventory updates. These improvements aim to enhance efficiency and reporting accuracy.

Following implementation, the team will monitor and refine the processes with end-users. The ultimate goal is to optimize the county-level supply chain, ensuring a seamless flow of essential commodities to CHPs.

Living Goods plans to assist the MoH in scaling this optimized approach to additional counties and explore integration with existing facility-level systems. This collaboration will ensure consistent availability of vital supplies, ultimately improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in Kenyan communities.

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