From a Dream to Reality: Living Goods First Learning Site is Now Live in Ziniare, Burkina Faso

We are excited to announce that Living Goods has officially launched operations in Burkina Faso!

This amazing story started more than 3 years ago when a team from Living Goods met with the Ministry of Health from Burkina Faso in Oslo and recognized that a partnership between the two institutions could be transformative and take Burkina Faso community health system to a different level.

In 2020,  Living Goods supported the Ministry of Health, Burkina Faso in assessing digital tools for community health and the performance management framework of their community health system. In 2021, we made Burkina Faso a 3rd core country as part of the new Living Goods Strategic Plan 2022-2026. In the last 18 months, we have built a strong program strategy, design, operational plan and most importantly we have a team of 28 amazing team members.

We would like to thank our leadership team in Burkina Faso; Patrick Singa Muhoza, Luc Kabore and Armand Bambara; for their leadership in getting us this far and thanks to all the other team members both in country and in the shared service teams for contributing to transforming this dream into a reality!

Congratulations everyone and long life to the Burkina program and we are looking forward to see more lives saved through DESC-enabled community health systems and a strong enabling environment.
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