Government Partners Learn from Our Experiences in Kenya

In late October, Living Goods hosted the Rwanda and Burkina Faso Ministries of Health in Kenya for an exciting week of discussions, presentations and field visits to learn more about national community health systems and digital health as an enabler for high-impact community health systems.

The delegation engaged with multiple Kenya MOH officials, including Dr. Salim Hussein, Head of the Kenya MOH’s Department of Primary Health Care, and Dr. Richard Onkware, Kisii County Director of Health, Public Health and Sanitation, to learn more about their experiences developing and managing their community health programs, and how Living Goods is supporting community health at both the national and county levels.

The week also included an immersive site visit to Nyamache Hospital, where the delegation learned how Living Goods’ Smart Health app enables supervisors to monitor CHW performance in real-time and identify areas for improvement. They also visited Living Goods’ Suneka branch, where the delegation had the chance to see the CHWs we support in action, conducting sick child assessments and providing family planning counseling.

This was a unique opportunity for Living Goods to simultaneously host two governments and facilitate learnings not only from our Kenya operations, but from one another. We heard from the Burkina delegation that this visit opened their eyes to the scope of what is possible for CHWs through digital health, while the importance of developing a legal framework and supportive laws to enable community health was a key takeaway for the Rwanda delegation.

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