Promising Steps Forward in Launching Burkina Faso’s Learning Site and eCHIS

Government partners and other stakeholders participate in a workshop to align on the country’s new eCHIS.

A major effort in Q2 was readying for the launch of the country’s eCHIS and supporting MoH in conducting another user acceptance test with a small group of about 25 CHWs. In partnership with Dimagi, version 2.1 has already been released and consolidated by the Burkina Faso MoH, and we will be supporting in fine-tuning the app with new functionality until version 2.5, when the eCHIS pilot should officially begin.

The first release only included a focus on integrated child case management, commodity management, patient management and CHW management. With MoH and other key partners, we’re now building elements in successive versions that will expand the tool to include maternal health, newborn care, birth and death reporting, tuberculosis patient management, and more. We are concurrently building a new supervisor app to complement the eCHIS.

We have also been finalizing the necessary preparations and recruitments to launch the first learning site in the district of Ziniare before the end of the year.

Given the recent change in government following the country’s January coup, we needed to update our learning site concept note, budget and action plan, and gather input from the country’s new MoH leadership. Living Goods’ approach of digitizing, equipping, supervising, and compensating CHW- what we call the DESC framework—has been well received and the MoH leadership has shown strong support.

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