Smart Health Chosen for eCHIS Prototyping Phase

Phase 2 of eCHIS development began in Q1 and focused on designing a functional eCHIS prototype that aligns with government’s requirements for testing and progressive nationwide scale-up. Following several co-design and evaluation meetings of five separate apps, the MOH-led multidisciplinary team selected Living Goods’ Smart Health app as the reference tool for implementing the testing and pilot phase of eCHIS. Living Goods is working with MOH and partners to enhance the app to meet functionality requirements for implementing a standardized, scalable, and interoperable prototype that integrates with DHIS2 and the electronic facility-level module. In this second phase, the teams are also refining and finalizing the eCHIS training framework and training toolkits for CHWs and establishing protocols for the eCHIS pilot.

Once phase 3 kicks off, Kenya’s eCHIS will be piloted in select counties, including in our co-financed demonstration program in Kisumu, which will then inform a phased countrywide scale up from 2022.

The estimated cost for eCHIS implementation—including ICT infrastructure, training, and wrap-around services—is US $47.9 million.

We’ll also continue supporting eCHIS implementation with technical support on performance management, service delivery, capacity building, M&E and wraparound services. We look forward to supporting the MOH in fully implementing these two strategies, as they form the foundation for ensuring a sustainable, well-financed community health system nationwide.

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