Uganda: Tech Improvements and Data Use Driving CHW Impact

Performance in our Uganda learning sites continued its positive trajectory into Q2. Under-5 sick child treatments per CHW increased 38% from Q1 to 43 exceeding the target of 24 and pregnancy registrations increased 22% to 1.5 against the target of 1.3.

CHW Judith from Buvuma Island on Lake Victoria checks the temperature of Sandra’s daughter, who had previously been treated for malaria.


CHWs were more active and effective, driven by tech improvements, a stable supply of medicines, improved supervision and intentional data use through regular reviews that resulted in priority follow-ups to low-performing areas or CHWs.
The branches that were affected last year by the issues around the upgrade of the core tech platform continued to show signs of recovery. The tech stability can be attributed to the intentional follow-up of all reported app malfunctions and better understanding of how to resolve some of these reported issues.

Other DESC elements have also grown stronger, with monthly CHW supervision at 97% in Q2 versus 83% last quarter. About 91% of the CHWs under peer supervision (where CHWs are additionally mentored by high-performing peers) were supervised in June versus 71% in March. Meanwhile, 69% of CHWs were syncing their data weekly in June versus 54% in March, which improves the availability of data to guide supervision follow-ups.

Meanwhile, family planning remains an area for improvement. We set ourselves much higher targets this year, recognizing the great unmet need. We developed an impact optimization plan but have not yet seen the results we hoped for.

We are now looking at how we can step this up further, including prioritizing tasks to enhance referral follow-ups. Family planning workflow updates on the application are yet to be pushed out, but once completed in August, we expect this to drive improvements.

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