UNGA Shines a Spotlight on Community Health

Community health was at the forefront during the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September, which also coincided with the Seventh Global Fund Replenishment.

Our Kenya Country Director Thomas Onyango participated in a roundtable discussion at one of the side events we co-hosted at UNGA.

This UNGA marked a paradigm shift in the attention governments, donors, and partners are paying to health systems strengthening and the community health workforce, which has been a major focus of the collaborative advocacy efforts Living Goods and our partners have been leading over the last five years.

Importantly, the Africa Frontline First Catalytic Fund (AFF) was launched ahead of the global forum to ensure that the discussions at UNGA translate into action. AFF aims to mobilize significant funds to close the $4 billion annual financing gap for community health in Africa. Significant commitments have already been made by the Global Fund, Johnson & Johnson Foundation, and the Skoll Foundation. As part of the Clinton Global Initiative during UNGA, Living Goods was formally announced as an AFF advocacy partner. AFF is undertaking critical action to scale financing, employ digital tools, increase the availability of essential life-saving commodities, and integrate CHWs within the health system. Living Goods is aligned with their ambitious goals and looks forward to working together to ensure the momentum for community health continues.

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