UNGA78: Leaders Unite to Elevate Primary Healthcare in Global Health Agenda

In a pivotal session at the 78th United Nations General Assembly (#UNGA78), healthcare leaders from around the world joined forces to shine a spotlight on the critical role of Primary Health Care (PHC) in achieving Universal Health Coverage (#UHC2030).

The event, hosted by Management Sciences for Health (#MSH) and Living Goods, featured a distinguished panel of speakers who highlighted the profound impact of PHC on global health outcomes.

The session, titled “UNGA78: Elevating Primary Healthcare for Universal Health Coverage,” saw CEOs, ministers of health, and healthcare advocates from #BurkinaFaso, #Indonesia, #Kenya, and #Bangladesh come together to discuss the transformative potential of PHC. These discussions underscored how PHC acts as the cornerstone for achieving the ambitious goal of UHC by 2030.


Key Takeaways:

A United Front for PHC: Advocates and practitioners underscored the pivotal role played by Primary Health Care in the pursuit of Universal Health Coverage. Leaders are united in their commitment to prioritize and strengthen PHC systems worldwide.

Community Health Workers (CHWs): Unsung Heroes: Acknowledging the essential role of Community Health Workers, speakers celebrated the recruitment of 15,000 new CHWs in #BurkinaFaso, demonstrating the impact of these frontline healthcare providers in extending quality care to underserved areas.

Impressive Results: Investments in PHC and CHWs have yielded remarkable results, with Burkina Faso reporting a 90% child vaccination rate and a 40% reduction in maternal mortality. These successes highlight the value of prioritizing PHC.

Digital Tools for Efficiency: Emphasizing the role of technology in healthcare, the discussion emphasized the significance of digital tools in making PHC systems more effective and efficient.

Government Partnerships: Government partnerships are instrumental in delivering long-lasting impacts in healthcare delivery, strengthening both individual care and broader health and social systems.

Gender Equality in Healthcare: The imperative of reaching the “hard-to-reach” was underlined as a key step toward achieving gender equality in healthcare delivery. Leaders committed to ensuring equitable access to healthcare services.

Bangladesh’s Success Story: Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare showcased impressive achievements, including a 98% vaccine coverage rate and reduced child mortality rates, attributed to investments in PHC.

In a world facing ongoing health challenges, the session served as a reminder that Universal Health Coverage is within reach, and PHC is the key to unlocking better health for all. The event’s participants left with a shared commitment to elevate PHC on the global health agenda, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of efforts to achieve UHC by 2030.!


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