Welcoming New CIO to Lead Expanded Impact and Evidence Unit

We are excited about the launch of a more robust Impact and Evidence Unit, which will work to deepen impact and learning, drive program quality and excellence, and also produce high-quality research and evidence across our programs. Led by our new Chief Impact Officer (CIO), Dr. Andrew Karlyn, Ph.D., the unit will work to improve the efficiency and quality of the data we collect to apply evidence-based approaches that deepen impact, as well as to facilitate the sharing of unique insights, evidence and learning on high-quality community health practices, policies and financing.

The team will also carry out strategic in-depth analyses that inform health outcomes, alongside ones that utilize economic and GIS data, to improve our operational efficiency. They will also leverage key research partnerships at national and global levels to improve program impact, influence policy outcomes and contribute to the global knowledge base in community health.

The CIO role has been newly designed to lead learning and impact across the organization, as well as ensure Living Goods’ contributions influence the global community. Dr. Karlyn will be strongly supported in his work by Molly Christiansen, Living Goods’ Director of Program Strategy & Impact. Christiansen is an experienced public health professional who has been working with Living Goods for over a decade. We’ll be adding staff focused on research, analytics and Health Systems Strengthening to the unit by Q1 2020.

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