Nurturing Healthy Pregnancies: The Impact of Community Health Workers in Burkina Faso

In the small village of Wabrangin in Burkina Faso, a diligent community health worker (CHW), locally recognized as Agent de Santé à Base Communautaire (ASBC), is responsible for safeguarding the community’s health.

Tapsoba Kadi, a homemaker in Wabrangin of childbearing age, shared her pregnancy journey, shedding light on the support and guidance provided by the CHW throughout her pregnancy. “The ASBC approached me during a baptism and willingly engaged in a home discussion. She told me of the importance of prenatal visits.

Thanks to her advice, I began regular check-ups after five months of pregnancy, even without prior medical visits, which led to my safe pregnancy and the health of my child,” she said.

Tapsoba Kadi, a homemaker in Wabrangin, Burkina Faso.

Following their initial meeting, the ASBC continued to monitor her to ensure she was taking her medication regularly. “She provided me with valuable nutrition advice, the use of mosquito nets, and encouraged me to go to the hospital in case of warning signs such as discharge or bleeding,” Kadi added.

The ASBC’s follow-up remained constant and regular throughout the pregnancy, including the day of delivery and well beyond. “Even after our return home, she continued to support us, ensuring the health of my baby and ensuring everything was going well,” she said.

Tapsoba Kadi encourages all the women in her village to take the guidance of their ASBCs, to ensure their well-being and that of their children.

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